Grosvenor & Bermondsey


We recognise that construction work can be disruptive, so we're taking various steps to minimise the impact to our neighbours.


Keltbray have been appointed to carry out the enabling and demolition of the school and the first phase of works on the former biscuit factory. Keltbray started as a primarily London-based civil engineering company in 1976. Today, they are one of the leading specialist contractors in the country. Meet the Keltbray team.

Keltbray have produced a Demolition Environmental Management Plan that outlines the various steps being taken to minimise disruption. You can download this here.

The steps include:

  • Following the Considerate Constructors Scheme at a minimum

  • Dedicated team accessible by direct mobile number

  • 24/7 security to manage site access and ensure the areas are secure

  • Working hours in line with Southwark guidance: 8am–6pm Monday to Friday and 9am–2pm on Saturdays

  • Containing all facilities within the site area behind the hoardings

  • Reducing dust by prohibiting the burning of materials using water sprays and wind fences

  • Using quieter electric or electro-hydraulic equipment wherever possible

  • Installing temporary noise barriers

  • Using minimal lighting, in line with security and health & safety need

  • Management of vehicles travelling to and from site

Delivering the project

Initial works on the Campus and former Biscuit Factory site will involve:

  • Setting up a temporary site office, including a canteen and WC’s.
  • Installing hoarding to Drummond, Keeton’s and Clements Road.
  • Diverting utilities such as water and electricity to/from the existing buildings.
  • Structural and electrical surveys.
  • Removing non-structural elements inside the existing campus buildings and former biscuit factory.


Work starts on site to deliver first phase

Summer-Autumn 2020

Work starts on site to deliver the first phase and preparing to deliver the school as the priority.

  • Site acquired by Grosvenor

  • Local engagement & consultation

  • Planning application submitted

  • Planning application recovered

  • Plans approved

  • Work starts on site to deliver first phase

  • School complete

  • Phase one complete