Grosvenor & Bermondsey


A melting pot of rich history, unique stories, brilliant ideas and new opportunities. They say the people make the place. And in Bermondsey, this couldn’t be more true.

Our approach to local engagement is based around four key principles that are set out in our Community Charter, called Positive Space.

  • Listen first
  • Make it easier
  • Open up
  • Be accountable

These principles set out how we will engage with everyone that plays a part in day-to-day neighbourhood life: from residents and businesses, to community organisations and amenity societies. This aims to set a new standard for public engagement across our business and give the communities we work with meaningful involvement in how their neighbourhoods are managed and evolve.

We are committed to an open dialogue with you and are considering how to best keep you informed about the project in the long term, including the works on site during the delivery.

We want to ensure that the plans best serve the community and respond to local needs and ambitions. We are considering our options for the best ways to keep you updated, so please sign up to our mailing list to stay in the loop.

Delivering local benefit

In 2018 we commissioned Southwark-based independent organisation Social Life to carry out a Neighbourhood Study that would help us to understand and respond to local needs.

The results help guide our local involvement and investment and shaped five aims for the way in which our investment positively impacts the neighbourhood. These are for it to be:

  • Cohesive & safe
  • Healthy & active
  • Creating local employment
  • Supporting young people
  • Encouraging local enterprise

As we move into the delivery phase, we are focused on refreshing our approach to delivering local benefit.

Local Opportunities

We are committed to maximising the opportunities for local people and businesses resulting from our £500 million+ investment in Bermondsey.

  • Jobs

  • Volunteering

  • Commercial space